Hi! I’m Pauline, nice to e-meet you and welcome on my blog!

I was born in Lausanne, a lovely French-speaking town in Switzerland, and have been living in London (UK) since end 2019.

I launched POPSHION back in 2012, when I felt the need to create something on my own and have a platform where I could express myself and share my style with like-minded people. My interest in fashion certainly influenced my content as I particularly enjoy blogging about fashion and sharing my outfits. However, you will find that I also shared a few spontaneous articles about my travels, easy recipes, and beauty products.

Over time, I also grew my social media presence (click to discover my new Instagram account and my TikTok), where I regularly post outfits ideas and bits of my everyday life. I hope to see you there soon!

Thank you for reading me ♡



With over 10 years of online presence, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with several brands both on my blog and social media. Below is a non-exhaustive list of carefully selected brands I worked with and created content for:

Click on the brands to see the content created!

Clothing brands
Beauty brands
Accessory brands
Lifestyle brands
  • Beau Rivage Genève
  • LTK