Hi! I’m Pauline, nice to e-meet you and welcome on my blog! 🙂

I’m from Lausanne, a lovely French-speaking town in Switzerland. Bonjour à ceux qui parlent français! 😉 ps. c’est probablement les seules lignes en français que vous lirez ici haha. Anyway, back to writing in English now!

I started POPSHION back in 2012 when I felt the need to create something on my own and have a platform where I could express myself without limitations.

My interest in fashion certainly influenced my content as I started blogging about my weekly outfits – unfortunately, you’ll never get a chance to see my style at that time, because I once deleted my first blog articles… too bad, because there would have been quite a lot of laughable fashion faux-pas there haha! 😉

Overtime, the blog became my personal journal rather than only being an outfit look book. I started to share about all sorts of topics related to my personal life experiences, such as travel, food, beauty, lifestyle… Basically, everything I felt like sharing about ended up here.

Since 2020, I’ve taken a step back from blogging but decided to keep the blog live as it’s an important part of me that I couldn’t just erase from the net.

I’m often thinking of coming back on it with new content, but I’m just not there yet. Hopefully soon! 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll let you appreciate what’s on now!

Thank you so much for reading me!!

Lots of love,

Pauline xxx